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I Pity This Triangle…


I’m feeling sorry for all three members of this romantic triangle.

Jane because he’s forcing himself to just watch Lisbon and Pike’s relationship.

Lisbon because she doesn’t know how Jane feels about her and is settling for second best.

Pike because he really does like Lisbon and is going to inevitably get hurt when Lisbon breaks things off with him.

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I am way too emotionally invested in this show

I regret nothing

"This remains the story of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon"

French interview of Chris Long, x

Optimistic interview about the future of The Mentalist and the possibility of a season 7. Chris Long says that “Warner has the rights of TM and has no interest in ending the show”, because it is very profitable for them. He declares too that "We just finished filming, and the ultimate episode could serve as end. But it can also be a perfect starting point for season 7." 

"We hope to remain on CBS next year. But if CBS does not want us anymore, we might go somewhere else. Our N°1 choice is CBS but we are open to the possibility of moving to another channel"

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"It is always the story of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon."
Chris Long -  Head Director & Executive Producer of The Mentalist. (via beckettbitches)

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Robin Tunney on Lisbon being jealous of Jane and Kristina Frye
 “She’s absolutely jealous, though it’s something she’d never, ever verbalise to anyone,” she said. “I think Jane and Lisbon are the last two to leave the office at night. They probably have a little chat to unwind from the day. And now, suddenly, he’s going out to dinner with someone? It’s hard for Lisbon to see anyone getting Jane’s attention. She’d probably be jealous if he got a cocker spaniel.”
”The first time I wore one, everybody on the crew, when I walked out, stood up and started clapping and I felt really embarrassed. They’re like, what what?! What?! They haven’t seen my legs or arms in six years.”


”They haven’t seen my legs or arms in six years.” 

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Everyone need Robin singing with a hair dryer as micro on his/her blog
"It’s obvious that Simon’s hair translates to every language."
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"Hey baby, you’ve got a quality that’s the opposite of a quality I hate in the man I’ve been in love with for years!  Oooh!  …No, no, I’m sure you have other qualities…  I just like to define my dates by the guy I really want."
Lisbon…  dating, ur doin it wrong.When the only thing you compliment him on is something that directly ties back to Jane, it shows who you are really thinking about.
Pike can sing this to Lisbon




Hey i just met you and this is crazy but

change your job, move to another city, marry me, have my babies, let’s die together


Her answer:



Yeees exaaacltyyy!

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